Heather Queen


The Heather Queen of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society/CHICAGO SCOTS is a female between the ages of 15 and 20 years old, who is Scottish by birth, has Scottish heritage and/or is actively involved in the Scottish community. During her reign, the Heather Queen serves as a goodwill ambassador of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society/CHICAGO SCOTS by encouraging her peers to explore their Scottish or other cultural identity while promoting Scottish culture in Chicagoland.


  • Candidate must be a female between the ages of 15 to 20 years old
  • Candidate must be Scottish by birth, have Scottish heritage, and/or be actively involved in the Scottish community. Either the applicant or her parents must be members of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society
  • Candidate should have good communication skills and be a leader in her community
  • Candidate must submit a professional, 5 x 7 color, studio quality portrait
  • Candidate must complete and submit application, short bio and photo to JackSanders@chicagoscots.org by June 5, 2023
  • If scheduled, all candidates are required to attend a Media Preview on Friday early morning (subject to change) or other publicity events as necessary




The Heather Queen Judges will review all completed applications using the following criteria:

  • Platform Essay-counts towards 20% of score
  • Photo-counts towards 10% of score



All candidates will be expected to be present at the Friday night Ceilidh, on the main entertainment stage. Each candidate will have three to five minutes at the microphone to introduce herself and present her platform goals and initiatives. This will provide an opportunity for the judges to see how the candidates perform based on the following criteria:

  • Appearance – counts towards 10% of score
  • Poise – counts towards 10% of score
  • Self Confidence – counts towards 10% of score
  • Communication Skills – counts towards 10% of score
  • Platform Discussion – counts toward 20% of score
  • Public Presentation – counts towards 10% of score


The final decision and crowing of the Heather Queen and her Court will be made and announced during the Friday night Ceilidh. At that point, the Heather Queen and her Court will be provided with appropriate regalia and sashes to reign over the Festival.



  • The Heather Queen and her Court must participate in the Opening & Closing Ceremonies at the Highland Games on Saturday. At the festival they will be called upon for additional duties (on rotational basis) such as award presentations, raffle drawings, etc.
  • As goodwill ambassador of Illinois Saint Andrew Society/CHICAGO SCOTS, the Heather Queen and her Court must be mindful of the stature of the organization in the community and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Candidates are asked to wear weather appropriate attire (i.e., sundress) at the festival
  • The Heather Queen MUST BE available to attending Illinois Saint Andrew Society/CHICAGO SCOTS events such as:
    • Scottish Home Picnic (August 5th 2023)
    • Kilted Classic (October 2023)
    • Feast of the Haggis (November 2023)
    • Holiday Party (December 2023)
    • Robert Burns Supper (January 2024)
    • Scottish Festival & Highland Games (June 2024)


And be encouraged to attend additional events as scheduled allows such as:

  • Tartan Week Activities (April 2024), and other promotional and non-Society events where her presence may be requested and required


NOTE: Attendance at events is a requirement of the position as an ambassador for the organization and by applying you agree to the terms should you be chosen. Please reconsider application if you do not feel like you can make these commitments


  • Heather Queen will be asked to summarize the accomplishments of her reign, before crowning the new Heather Queen. Please maintain the sash and crown during reign as Heather Queen so it can be passed along in good condition
  • The Heather Queen will receive a $250.00 stipend to be used toward wardrobe allowance and travel expenses along with one complimentary admission to all Society events for a guest to join you. The Heather Queen and Court will each receive 3 Patron weekend passes to attend and enjoy the festival.


In addition to this application, applicant must submit a Platform Essay answering the following questions in a typed, double-spaced, 12pt. format, not to exceed 3 pages:

  • Why is your identity as a Scot important to you?
  • What have you done recently to nourish your Scottish identity?
  • How could you encourage your peers to explore their Scottish identity?
  • As goodwill ambassador of the Society, how would you help to promote the Scottish community in Chicagoland during your reign as Heather Queen?
  • Why do you feel you would make a good candidate to represent the Illinois Saint Andrew Society/CHICAGO SCOTS as Heather Queen?

The Heather Queen application and other required materials must be submitted and emailed to info@chicagoscots.org no later than June 5, 2023.

Application: Heather Queen Application (2022)

Please contact Nancy Strolle at n.strolle@comcast.net or 630.967.8623