Robert Burns Suppers

Scottish poet Robert Burns was born in Alloway, Scotland on January 25, 1759. Burns is widely regarded as the authentic voice of the Scottish people. Every year around the world, the enduring resonance of Burns’ writing is celebrated at memorial Robert Burns suppers at the end of January. Haggis is served, whisky is sipped, music is played, poems are read, and of course there are the entertaining toasts to lassies, lads and the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns. Chicago Scots frequently sponsors Burns suppers, or partners with other organizations to celebrate Scotland’s most famous bard.

In the Chicago area there are many great options to celebrate Burns Night!

In 2020 Chicago Scots collaborated with the Scottish Government to bring Burns’ violin, the Gregg Violin to Chicago for the first time. We hosted two special Burns evenings featuring the violin and Scottish fiddler Alistair McCulloch, the only person permitted to play it. McCulloch and the Gregg Violin also gave a performance at Caledonia Senior Living.