The Don Morrison Memorial British Car Show


There games are held in the Hamilton Lakes area of Itasca, IL. Hamilton Lakes is north of Thorndale Ave., south of W. Devon Ave., west of Arlington Heights Rd. and east of I290. The Games are easily accessed from either North of Southbound I290 at Thorndale Ave. After you exit I290 onto Thorndale, travel East on Thorndale a short distance to Park Blvd. Turn left (North) on to Park Blvd. to Pierce Rd. and turn right (East) on Pierce road to the entrance to the Games.


The car show is located on Pierce Road, just to the East of Windsor Drive. Participants travel East on Pierce Road from Park Blvd., you will pass two parking garages. These are designated One Pierce and Two Pierce parking. This is where most of the visitors to the Games will be parking. You should pass both of parking garages and continue on Pierce Road to Windsor Drive.

Pierce Road will be closed at Windsor Drive. You will turn left (North) on to Windsor drive and travel a very short distance to the entrance to the parking lot for the 333 Pierce building. Turn right into the parking lot and travel across the lot to the East end of the lot. Turn right again and this will take you back to Pierce Road. Turn right on Pierce road to the car show area. Park your car diagonally on the North side of Pierce Road.

Car show volunteers will help you find a place a park and will register you and give you your adult entry wrist bands for the Festival.


Eligible cars are those that were manufactured in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. They can be of any age or condition. $30.00 registration fee per car.


This is not a professionally judged show. We ask visitors to the Games to vote on their favorite car. Selection of a favorite car by our visitors may be based on factors such as their personal preference, a color or style they prefer or other factors.


We have three awards that we give to the three cars that receive the highest number of votes from our visitors. We intend that ballot casting, counting of votes and awarding of trophies will all be done on Saturday. If we cannot find you at the time we are giving out awards, we will mail it to you.


Once you have registered at the car show and parked your car in the car show area, you can spend your day at your car, or you can spend your day enjoying the Games. You do not have to stay with your car. We ask that your car remain in the show area during the balloting period from about 10:00 a.m. until NOON. We may alter the balloting period based on weather and the flow of visitors to the Games. For each car registered you will receive two (2) Saturday Adult Admission tickets to the Games.

Saturday, June 17, 2023
8:00am – 4:00pm

Eligible cars are those that were manufactured in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. They can be of any age or condition.

$30.00 registration fee per car.

Please contact James Brennan at or 847.971.3678

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