Children’s Area

The Scottish Festival & Highland Games offers fun for the whole family!

The children’s area is located on the North field and is open on Saturday, June 17th from 9:00am-4:00pm.

  • Meet Highland Coos and a Clydesdale Horse named Skye
  • Learn to play cricket
  • Kids crafts
  • Mini golf
  • Mini Heavy Athletics
  • Register for our Running of the Bairns – Kids race

“PLAY BALL” The Scottish Way

The Scots have always been a sports loving people, and one of their more popular summer team sports is the venerable old game of cricket, which the Scots have adopted for themselves through the many centuries of cultural contact with England (the Scottish national cricket team has even beaten England’s national cricket team).

Visitors to this years Chicago Highland Games on June 17 will get an opportunity to personally experience this facet of Scottish culture by joining in the short, informal, cricket games that Americans cricket player and teacher Tom Melville will be conducting throughout the day. Games will be run on a continuous walkup basis and are open to all. Absolutely no experience required!  So come and discover what “play ball” means to the Scottish people!

Tom Melville is an author and former American cricket player living in the Milwaukee area. For over twenty years he has conducted participant cricket games at festivals and events.

Skye, The Clydesdale Horse