Gus Noble, President of the Chicago Scots, received the 2021 National Tartan Day Award presented by the Scottish Coalition USA. The award was presented April 6, 2021 during the National Tartan Day Commemoration Celebration, hosted virtually by the American Scotland Foundation.

This award recognizes Gus Noble for his role in ensuring the safety of residents and staff at Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care, and for his demonstrated leadership in engaging the greater Chicago Scots community and Scotland to support these efforts. Gus and his team have been aggressive in their approach since day one, deciding to close their doors early on in the pandemic, developing and implementing a robust testing plan for residents and staff before testing was required, joining forces with neighboring communities to secure PPE, implementing a robust Action Plan and Reopening Plan that was shared with families and loved ones every step of the way, and mandating vaccinations at the community which resulted in 100% of residents being vaccinated, and over 95% of staff.

“It is a singular honour to receive the Tartan Day Award,” stated President Gus Noble. “But it’s not singularly for me. It’s really for the people who made this Scottish Society; it’s for the early Chicago Scots. It’s for my friend Wayne Rethford. It’s for the people who lead and support this unique community. Most of all, it’s for the incredible people who live and work at Caledonia Senior Living. Their vigilance, resilience and commitment to caring is simply astonishing. I will never be able to express how deeply I am grateful to them, nor how humbled I am to stand beside them. These are very, very good people. When history recalls them, she will smile. It is on their behalf that I will proudly accept this award.”

The Scottish Coalition USA is comprised of six leading national organizations who share the mission to further interests and common goals across the United States through collaborations. These organizations include the Council of Scottish Clans, American Scottish Foundation, Living Legacy, Scottish American Military Society, Scottish Heritage USA, and the Association of Scottish Games & Festivals.

“The nomination was unanimous and resounding,” said John Bellassai, President of Council of Scottish Clans and Associations, and a founding member of The Scottish Coalition USA. “During COVID-19 Gus has been tireless in continuing his support of so many Scottish-American causes, whilst heading Caledonia Senior Living. He deserves our recognition.”

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