Scottish Heavyweight Athletics form the identifying activities at the Highland Games. These contests have their roots in the 10th century when Scottish King Malcolm Ceanmore first hosted competitions of strength and speed among his warriors and clansmen. The winners were given honorable positions as messengers and bodyguards.

Heavy Athletic Events Include:

  • Caber Toss
  • Sheaf Toss
  • Stone Put
  • Scottish Hammer Throw
  • Weight Throw for Distance
  • Weight Toss for Height

Watch Terri Ventress, Athletic Director of the Wichita Highland Games & Celtic Fest, Karyn Dallimore, Athletic Director of the British Columbia Highland Games Committee, Katie Crowley, Interim Athletic Director of La Crosse Irish Fest and Moderator, Elissa Van Vleck discuss the past, present and future of women in Heavy Athletics for Chicago Scots’ 2021 Virtual Highland Games.

Buy Tickets for the 2022 Scottish Festival & Highland Games to be held June 17-18 at Hamilton Lakes in Itasca.

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